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Places I’ve been Featured In February 2016

So February what a huge month for me and the business. I started by working a couple of smaller local jobs that were just a couple of hours but a good ROI for my time and products. These shoots turned… Continue Reading →

Places I’ve been Featured In January 2016

Still a bit behind from the last update and in late December I completed a couple of extra jobs and had a few of the usual January jobs that I get every year which I will explain now and why… Continue Reading →

Places I’ve been Featured In December 2015

It’s been a while since my last post for a couple of reasons. The first is initially I wasn’t very busy at all, didn’t have any interesting jobs to talk about and well there was no where to show where… Continue Reading →

Places I’ve been Featured In August 2015

We are now into September and I think this is the perfect time for me to tell everyone where I have been featured in August. This month was more of a health / weight loss focus. It’s strange as generally… Continue Reading →

Places I’ve been Featured In July 2015

I was featured in 2 places in July 2015. Both strange places to be featured but they were the Cardiff tax office and the HMRC Liverpool. I’ve started doing a lot of photography for tax offices and I’m not really… Continue Reading →

June 2015 Places I’ve been featured

Hi, Welcome back to my blog, over the past 2 weeks (17th June) as of writing. I’ve been featured on a few websites and my photography is starting to bring in some profits, even if the website’s themselves are not… Continue Reading →

Places Where I’m Featured

In this post I just wanted to highlight some of the more recent places I’ve been featured in. The primary place I’ve been featured is on mahara on Tom Buckland’s profile as well as on projects by advance yourself, Edinburgh… Continue Reading →

Photo’s by Sally Edwards Photography

Sally Edwards is a photographer based in Salisbury (Wiltshire) UK. She’s a good personal friend of mine and I wish her the best of success. These are a sample of some of the great pictures Sally has, she’s a highly… Continue Reading →

Hello and Welcome

Hi and welcome to my photography blog. Throughout the coming months and years I will be posting to this blog some of the top photographers I see around the UK and all over the world. Its nothing personal if you… Continue Reading →

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